About Crystal James

Why the name – Tiny Heart Studios?

“All that is worth cherishing begins in the heart, not the head.” Suzanne Chapin

Young people are so much better at appreciating the small things in life. Probably because they don’t spend much time comparing the relative size or significance. In fact, everything to them is so much more, so much bigger. I remember that tiny little heart that I first dared to dot my ‘i’ with. To my childhood self, it was a big deal. Who knows what the recipient of that note thought? In my mind, that heart was remarkable, and it meant so much more than its size suggested.

And so, from my back deck, looking at the stars with my husband, Tiny Heart Studios was born.  A culmination of the many moments of love in my life.  Valentine notes with my signature heart, the ‘i’ so subtly dotted with a heart, and finally, the tiny hearts on our toasting glasses at our wedding, representing a lifetime of love ahead.

Who is Crystal James?

I often ask myself that same question!  🙂

The basics: I am a mother of two wonderful kids.  Kylie was born in 2006 and Jake in 2009.  Parenting them is simultaneously the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done AND the most difficult learning experience of my life.  Which brings me to my husband, partner, best friend and love of my life – Jeff.  Thank goodness we are in this together because I could not imagine doing any of this without him!

The not-so-basic stuff:  I love people and I love life.  Of course, I love pictures too.  I have always been the one with a camera at every event (even as a kid), so it’s a good thing I have an excuse now.  Nobody ever tells me to put the camera away anymore!  🙂  Just like that tiny heart, a picture can hold so much more meaning than the image suggests.

In my other life, I work at NAPCP, a child photography association near and dear to my heart.  In addition to this, I run a health and wellness website called Finding Clean.  I am very passionate about living as clean as possible.  We should never have to sacrifice our health for beauty or to nourish our children and ourselves.  Please join me over there to follow along!
Some other stuff you might not ever know about me if you didn’t read this: 

  • I am an only child
  • I love to perform and used to be a singer (like doing gigs in bars and stuff).
  • I love to play tennis
  • I love chocolate, cheese and wine (in that order….I think)
  • I could eat Mexican food everyday
  • I worked on a cruise ship for a year and traveled to the Caribbean, Alaska, the Panama Canal, Hawaii, and a 53 day cruise around South America
  • I am from California (oh how I miss the weather, and In-N-Out Burger)
  • I joined the food movement and started my own health and wellness site to help others: Finding Clean
  • I am shy (HA! Just checking to see if the people that know me are still awake!)

And for those of you that are STILL reading…. here are a few recent pictures of my family, taken by the fabulous Nate Kaiser of the image is found photography.

I am a proud member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and an award winning member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP)