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Okay, mom said Mr. “A” is shy – but I’m not sure I believe it.  He was so cute and such a ham for me.   This is usually one of the most difficult ages to photograph because kids are just learning to walk and they have their own agenda.  But Mr. A was having so much fun with us (and my chair) and he let me get some great shots.  Mom is expecting number two very soon….  much sooner than you would think based on how FAB she looks!



I had to showcase the family a bit.  Mom said she wanted to capture their family of three before baby sister arrives.  I know EXACTLY how that feels, because I did the same thing.  Some people choose to wait for the new baby to arrive before getting pictures, but I really believe this is such a special time.  Before the chaos of a new baby, before the rivalry of siblings, before you will never be able to nap again….. Ahhhh, I miss that life sometimes!  BUT, as any parent of two (or three, or four….) will tell you, I can’t imagine life without my second child now (except the pictures that remind me!).


Good luck to mom and dad when baby arrives.  Can’t wait to meet baby sister!


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by Crystal

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