do you recognize her????

this is miss “J” – her gorgeous eyes got me a spot on the Showcase School of Photography website this semester!  🙂   You can click here to see the picture – or you’ll see it on my scrolling slideshow at the top of the page.

This young lady is the strong survivor of open-heart surgery earlier this year at the young age of SIX MONTHS!  She is amazing and so are her parents.  We had fun taking pictures – and even got some smiles this time around (she was soooooo serious for our last session).

Oh, those eyes….. just couldn’t resist the close up….

A big smile or laugh – not sure which!

Oh my gosh – sooooo cute right?!  I look at this picture and think of when my daughter had the chubby baby rolls – and now she’s like a little string bean!  It happens overnight (if only that could happen to me!!)

The wonderful family of three! (Back to the serious faces from miss J)

This picture was so funny to me.  Miss J doesn’t have any interest in crawling yet – but she sure wanted to get this block.  She was stretching as far as she could – thinking I’m a real meany I’m sure!

Thanks mom & dad for including me in your journey this first year.  I know it’s been challenging and I’m honored that I could help you document some beautiful moments to keep forever!

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by Crystal

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