just a great wednesday morning!

I was a little nervous before this session because Mom told me she had a 4 year old, 2 year old and 6 month old.  Me being pregnant and all, I wasn’t sure how good I would be at chasing them all down to get some great pictures.  But, there was nothing to worry about because these three little ones were SO happy, well behaved, funny and cooperative (especially the baby).  Mom and Dad were super energetic and ready to do all kinds of acrobatics for some smiles – and we got plenty!

I know I’ve said a million times – but can’t help it – I love my job!  This is the SUPER BUSY season, but it’s just so much fun to meet so many new people and their families.  Helping people capture what will hopefully be treasured moments in time.  It’s really, really cool!  🙂

So, meet this beautiful family of five…..

This is Mr. “B” – The oldest brother (only 4 though) and I have to tell you, he brought me to tears playing the piano in their living room.  It was truly like seeing a miracle.  He doesn’t read music and hasn’t had lessons – just plays from what he hears.  AMAZING!

Ahhh, the middle child, full of personality and spunk!  Meet Mr. “W”

Had to include this one – do you see what’s about to “greet” older brother……?

And sweet baby “L” who didn’t make a peep through several clothing changes, missing her nap and being dragged outside in the cold.

The whole family.  Mom said she wasn’t prepared to actually be IN the pictures – but I’m so glad they went with it.  So cute!!

A sweet moment with baby “L”.    Thanks “H” Family for sharing your morning with me!

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by Crystal

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