One year and a baby on the way!

We HAD to get this session done.  Miss Anna just turned one and her little brother will be born TOMORROW!!  It’s been so cold, but mom and I planned for the afternoon, the warmest time of the day, about 50 degrees I think.   As most photographers will tell you, this is a VERY challenging age, especially if the child can walk, and boy can Anna walk!  In fact, we could barely get her to smile if her feet weren’t planted on the ground.  And so we began our session, following Anna around, letting her walk and point and giggle…. until we noticed a leaky diaper that needed immediate attention.  As Anna will tell you, it’s no fun to have your diaper changed in the park on a cold day.  We then went back to the car for a new outfit and started again, following Anna and watching her big smile.  Then, the unthinkable, she falls and hits her head on the sidewalk.  Big alligator tears and a big red lump on her head.  I felt so bad for her, but as soon as we put her down, she was smiling and pointing again!  Kids are so funny that way.  What seems so awful to us (because we can see the awful red knot) barely even phases them after a few minutes.  And so, even with all of the hiccups, a beautiful session at a beautiful time in their lives.  I can’t wait to meet Mr. Cole!  🙂

One picture is BEFORE the fall and one is AFTER the fall……  hmmmmm.

You can see a few images from Anna’s 6 month session here.  She is always smiling.  Love her!

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by Crystal

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Erin Z Gorgeous photos!!! Alison, you look beautiful! Good luck today!

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