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I met a wonderful family recently – Mom, Dad and two young men.  Mr. M is 19 and Mr. J is 17.  All I can say is WOW!  They were really great to work with and, I think, by the end they even kind of liked me!  😉  It’s so hard for me to imagine that my children will one day grow up and have their own lives.  Complete independence.  Well, I can hope right?

These two guys answered a question for me and I think it speaks volumes….

Crystal: “So, what are you guys gonna do when I’m done torturing you (ahem, I mean taking pictures of you)?”

Them (in unison): “Go out”

GO OUT?  Where?  What time will you be back?  Who will you be with???  Your parents just let you LEAVE????  Of course, I didn’t actually say this out loud – considering the oldest is already living away from home and attending college and the youngest can drive, etc, etc.  But, being the parent of a 3 year old and an 11 month old – it was very hard for me to have some restraint.  Oh my gosh….. how will I ever let go!


The youngest, the baby of the family – but no longer a baby at all.  Handsome and sweet – with a great smile.  (And that’s Oreo with him)


Older brother – GREAT eyes right?  He also had the coolest yellow shoes – very stylish!  🙂


Here’s everyone.  I’m so glad that mom organized our session.  Now she will have some GREAT images of her boys and the family – and I will have fond memories of a fun-filled afternoon!  🙂


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by Crystal

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