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Every parent wants the “perfect picture” of their family.  You know the one – where everyone is together, looking at the camera, smiling and looking happy.  I admit it, I want one of those too!  BUT, any family with small children (especially if you have more than one) knows that this type of “perfect picture” is a fleeting notion.  We can always hope though – right?  As I was looking through Allyson’s gallery I found myself smiling, even chuckling, at some of the pictures because they reminded me of our session and all of the silliness and attempts to get that “perfect picture” of the family.  I have been photographing Jack since he was born and I’m not sure I have every captured the “textbook perfect” picture of him – but as I look through all of the images that I DID capture – they look perfect to me.  Perfectly Jack.  I decided to share this series to show you the story of capturing an image and capturing life as it really is for this family of four (and probably most other families out there).  So, while Allyson and I had some exasperated sighs during the session, I still look at this and smile.  That’s what the pictures are for anyway right??


LOVE this picture.


Jack & Daddy


While Jack evaded my camera at all cost, this was Sophie’s “coming out” session.  She was posing and smiling and having tons of fun.  Beautiful!


Sophie & Mommy.  🙂


And then sometimes, you do get the perfect picture – like this one.


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by Crystal

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Liz That is a GORGEOUS picture of the two of them! Beautiful post, and I would argue that a few of those are just about perfect!

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