two years already?

I have been photographing Grayson since he was a newborn – and I really can’t believe he’s TWO!  But, of course, that means my Jakester is almost two as well.  CRAZY!!!  During our last session Grayson was very serious – we barely got a smile.  It’s pretty normal for that age (18 months), when children are a bit more cautious about their surroundings.  Since they just moved to a new house, I thought it would be fun to do their session at home, where Grayson is comfortable and we can play, relax, snack, or whatever.  I had a blast and I’m really grateful that Kristin and George trust me to do my “magic.”  I hope I didn’t forget my manners too much during our session.   I get so excited when there is a good picture at stake — I sometimes start shouting out orders… “Okay, now move, hurry, over there, over here, grab that balloon!”  You get the idea!  🙂  At the end, George made me the nicest cappucino with his awesome Tassimo Beverage maker (my next purchase).

I can’t believe we won’t have another session until Grayson is THREE!  I have seen him every few months since he was born!   We’ll have to meet for breakfast!  🙂

First, we played a little in Grayson’s room.  These two cars (King & Chick?) were with us for about 99% of the session.  🙂

Then we went outside and played on the slide and did some bubbles — look at this smile!

He even let me do a couple family pictures (in between racing his cars down the driveway).  And yes, I’m laying in the middle of the street for these.  🙂

LOVE these next few pics of Grayson with his birthday cupcake!  (And yes, I’m laying on the ground again – I thought he was going to drop that cupcake on me for sure!)

And finally,  a couple favorites of mine, with a little vintage color…. ohhhhh, so sweet.  I think Kristin and George thought I was a little crazy for wanting to take pictures in this overgrown field (aka: house not built yet) right next to them.  I just knew it would look so cool for these pics.  YAY!

Hugs and kisses to sweet Mr. Grayson – all grown up!

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by Crystal

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Lisa Phillipson Hope you didn’t get too much cupcake on your camera! cute.

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