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Flashback Friday

Exactly five years ago, here is what I saw through the lens of my camera.  Beautiful Caroline.  And now I keep thinking about her mom, my friend, at home with baby number two.  Going through all of the “firsts” again.  I’m thankful for these memories, for myself and for my clients.

And if you’re in the mood to browse, here’s all of our previous sessions!

Way back: Two Years Old

The next year: November 2009

And then: A really cold day

A special session for the cover of Our Town Monthly (one of my faves)

Then Fall of 2011 – LOVE her outfits!!!

And last year (the first picture is the BEST!)

And last, but definitely NOT least, sweet newborn baby sister’s session from September.

Talk about a trip down memory lane, right?  Thank you so much for letting me be part of your growing family!  XOXO



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A boy, a girl, and Pluto

It’s been many years since Max had his newborn session with me.  And now, it was baby sister’s turn.  Erin did not disappoint – sleepy the whole time.  🙂

And Max with his sweet Pluto.  They are almost inseparable.

BUT, if Pluto is taking the picture….. WAH-LAH!  😉

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A pair of beautiful girls

I’ve watched miss Caroline grow up (in a blink it seems), and now we have sweet baby girl number two.  I just know these girls are going to be the best of friends.

Even though is was Catherine’s newborn session, I still had to take pictures of my little superstar!  Love her!

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Guess how old she is….

It’s hard to believe how grown up this little one is.  The youngest of three girls – and so much personality.  LOVE her!

Here’s to TWO — and many, many more!

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Guess who’s here? And he’s wide awake!

This little guy was such a cutie!  And he really wanted to hang out with me and check out my studio, because SLEEP was not on his agenda!  🙂  I just love this family so much, and feel honored to capture these moments for them.  A teeny-tiny, little peek into our session.

Meet the newest little man,  Mr. Harry.

And let’s not forget his cute, spunky big sister!  We had fun doing tickle contests and trying to have her hold baby Harry.   🙂




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