a hot one!

Well, summer is here!  We started early, but it was still HOT!  Mom, Dad and Mr. J did great and we all pretended like it didn’t bother us at all… 

Mr. J is another First Year Graduate.  I can’t believe all my babies are “graduating”!!!  Why does the time seem to go by sooooo fast as you get older?  I remember when I was a kid (YES, I can remember that far back) and I used to WISH for the time to go faster so I could do the next big thing (drive, get a job, go to college, etc, etc.).  Oh how I wish I could have some of that “free” time back!  🙂

Anyway – back to the pictures.  Mr J is just as sweet as pie – even if Mom and Dad are some of my fiercest poker competitors (hee-hee!).  Happy (belated) Birthday!  




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by Crystal

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