A Terrible Day

Well, I’m writing to share with everyone my poor little sick baby. We spent the afternoon in urgent care after she had a fever for the last 24 hours – as high as 104.6. There were no other symptoms, so they had to do a blood test – and for anyone who has not seen them try to get blood from an infant you are SO lucky. They tried on the first arm and it didn’t work, so they had to do the other arm – it was awful. In order to rule out a urinary tract infection they also had to do a urine catheter – which sounds really bad – but was much quicker and less traumatizing than the blood test. And, after all that, she’s normal. So we came back home to wait it out, trying to keep the fever down with Tylenol and lukewarm baths. The doctor suspects she might have Roseola. Which is common for children under two. As some of you know, she started daycare a few weeks ago – just two days a week – but it seems she’s been sick a lot since then. Before now, we’ve really been lucky – no emergency visits, no serious illnesses. And, after today, I still consider myself so lucky to have a happy, healthy child. It makes me think of all the people out there with chronically or even terminally ill children and the pain those parents must feel watching their children go through any kind of suffering.

Of course, I couldn’t help but take a couple photos of the sad, sad face my baby had on today – because I know she will be better soon. And we can’t wait to have her bright smile back!

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by Crystal

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