baby planner graduate!

I really can’t believe this little sweety is already ONE!!  The time just flies by so fast!  I will say, this was our most challenging session yet.  She was on the move and absolutely NOT interested in looking at me AT ALL.   Just like all the other one-year-olds out there – she had better things to do than be a model! 

She’s such a sweety, I’m going to miss seeing her every few months.  Take a look at some previous pictures HERE.

I know, I can hear all of you out there – “I can’t believe you took a picture of her crying AND put it on the blog!”  But honestly, anyone who has a one-year-old will understand, two seconds before and after this picture she was perfectly content.  I just can’t resist the raw and extreme emotions of these little ones.  It’s so real and honest.  I mean, this is how I feel sometimes and I wish I could just let it all out!  She was upset because mommy took the candle that she was trying to eat.  After a few seconds, she forgot about the candle and ate the cake instead!  🙂  Happy Birthday miss “M”.



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by Crystal

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