beautiful and bittersweet

My last session.   I can’t believe it!  The last three months have been so busy I’ve hardly had time to think about baby #2 – who will be here in 6 short weeks.  And now, with my last session done, I must face the reality of what is to come – AND get ready (which I haven’t started either).

But enough about me – let’s get to the good stuff!  Mom is going to get lots of pictures in this post – since it’s my last session of 2008.  I had a really nice morning.   Little miss “L” is two weeks old and her older brother is just over 2 years old.  I’m completely fascinated by the sibling relationships now – wondering what is in store for me.  Mom really wanted a few pictures of brother and sister together, and we tried really hard, but it’s hard to force (or even bribe) a two-year-old to do anything they don’t want to do.  These first two pictures made me laugh – he was holding baby sister for a minute (or maybe 30 seconds), then he just put her down and moved over – not sure what to do next.  You have to wonder what’s going through his head when he looks at her.   Hmmmmm…..

Mom and daughter – so sweet.

Look how sweet she is – Miss “L” stayed awake for quite a while in the beginning.

But, of course, she fell asleep (they can’t resist my heater….)

She slept so nice – I got to move her all around and take lots of snuggly pictures.

I wanted to end with this sweet picture of big brother.  He was so cute and playful – just fighting for all of mom’s attention.  We had fun playing with the trains and blocks – and he let me take several pictures of him (without baby sister of course!).

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by Crystal

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