big sister and little brother

This was a fun session – both kids were such good sports first thing in the morning and it was pretty cold and windy with the sun behind the clouds.  I love watching this sibling relationship since they are almost the exact spacing that my two little ones will be (about 3 years).  Their mom is a good friend of mine and we have very similar parenting philosophies (a little “shout out” to John Rosemond).  While we both realize that his style isn’t perfect and not everything works (because ALL children are different) – at least it gives us a place to start.  I’ll give a little plug to Mom too – she is a wonderful writer and you can read some of her stuff here:  Finicky Files

Okay – enough of the advertising…. on with the session!   I have to thank my husband once again for some of these awesome smiles.  The horse puppet was a BIG HIT with these two!  🙂  I wish I always had an assistant! 

I love this smile – you may think it’s fake but it really is genuine – she’s so sweet and cooperative. 

And Mr. “D” – isn’t he handsome?

Loved this mother/daughter shot.  I regret to say we didn’t get a mother/son shot (or a father shot for that matter since he was MIA that morning…..)

And since I’m a fan of the kisses I had to include this one.  I don’t know at what age they won’t do this anymore.  I assume at some point there will be an exclamation like:  “GROSS – I’m not kissing my brother/sister!”  But, until then, I think it’s the sweetest thing ever!

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by Crystal

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