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My client and dear friend has been waiting so patiently for me to post some preview pics from our session last weekend – but I know she’s checking my blog all the time – so HERE THEY ARE! Woo-hoo! I feel so bad that it took me 5 days to get them up – but with Kylie’s B-day, Easter, my new I-phone, blah, blah, blah…. 🙂

This was our final session for this one year old sweetheart. The first pictures I took were almost exactly one year before these (when he was about 4 weeks old). You can see the previous sessions by clicking HERE.

The time goes by so fast – I know that sounds cliche – but it’s so true.

Happy Birthday little man!

This was the view I got of him for most of our session – there’s a ton of pictures from this angle – the BEHIND angle! He is on the move and with his own agenda.

And then, this is the second most popular look – the serious face. I’m not sure if he was annoyed with me, bored with me – or maybe both….

But, with patience, you get these faces. The sweet, angel faces that just make your heart melt.

And these faces – with the big belly laugh – or scream!

I’m not ashamed to admit that the next two pictures were taken in the car. Me in the front seat and Mr. “J” in his car seat. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a subject strapped down!!!! Especially a one-year-old! Plus – he was flirting with me the whole time.

And the birthday cupcake – YUMMY!!!

Of course, the post wouldn’t be complete without big sister. She just turned three and is so much older than her years. Such a sweety pie.

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