Blog Stalkers….

I do have a few blog stalkers that like to give me a hard time for not posting often enough. AND, I also have some friends that have started blogging – almost EVERY DAY – so they are putting me to shame.

So, I’m up WAY TOO LATE and I just finished two galleries (woo-hoo) and I thought I better post something…… but what???

Are shoes worthy of a blog post??? Well, I think these are. I bought these for Kylie at Target (couldn’t resist) and she can barely walk in them. I told her “it’s all about the fashion” and she repeats the mantra as she prances around the house in her first pair of heels. Is this how all girls get started on the shoe fetish?? 🙂

But – just in case the shoes aren’t TRULY worthy of their very own blog post – here is such an adorable picture (or two) of Kylie with her Nana. She was off work for a week and came down to visit. You can click on it to see it bigger. So sweet. And, notice the shoes……. 🙂


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by Crystal

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Sophie Lilly Maggie You know I love shoes, and by way of that, Sophie loves shoes too. She too must have these – they are ADOARABLE, so I will be going to Target to get a pair! So now I am also a shoe stalker!!

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