Couldn’t help it….one last post for the day…

I’m awake, it’s late, and my husband is out like a light…… so here I am looking at pictures….

I just LOVE my new point & shoot camera! It really takes wonderful pictures with very little effort. This pic is courtesy of my husband – of me and the K-bear at the park today. I’m incognito – unshowered – sporting a hat – but I still thought it was cute.

Happy Mother’s Day to all and to all a GOOD NIGHT! 🙂

A little photo tip: In the photo above, we are in the shade and the sun is behind us. I picked this spot because it was a very bright and sunny day. Using this technique will keep your subjects from squinting and it gives your picture a nice “glow” around the subjects. Depending on how bright it is, you may also need to turn the flash to “on” instead of “auto” to add some fill light.
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by Crystal

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