Don’t read this….

….unless you like cheesy stuff (that’s what my husband calls it). He says I write “cheesy stuff” in my blog – but hey – who doesn’t love CHEESE????

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. This is such a unique holiday because it means something different to everyone and, even for myself, it’s meaning has changed over the years.

When I was a child it was about giving and receiving little valentine cards at school and hoping I would get something “extra special” from the cute boy in my third grade class. When I was single it was a holiday that made me jealous of those who had someone special to celebrate with. When I was dating, Valentine’s Day was so full of expectations – the right gift, the right card, the right restaurant, the right words……

This year, I told my husband that we should do a max of $20 for a gift and just have fun. That was it – no expectations. A couple days ago we decided we would just stay home and he said he was going to cook dinner for me – I was sooooo excited! He made a delicious dinner of Southwestern Baked Tilapia and green beans with this FABULOUS topping made of goat cheese, dried cranberries, bacon and bread crumbs. I was amazed. Not just at the dinner (cuz he really doesn’t cook often – but he’s a master at the grill) but at the thought and effort he put into making a dinner for me.

This was my best Valentine’s Day yet. It was just about us, our love for our family and our appreciation for the life we have. It’s amazing what happens when you really don’t expect it.

So, a big cheers to my husband and best friend! Thank you!!!

And, since he wouldn’t let me take a picture of my dinner plate, I took a picture of my gift! It’s a really soft fuzzy throw blanket. So cool!

Had to include this. I was laying on the floor trying to take a picture of my blanket and my daughter thought it was picture time, so she layed right in front of me and said “CHEESE!” Howz that for my CHEESY blog!! 🙂

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by Crystal

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Anonymous CHEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE!!! hahahhahaha I am so impressed that my older brother has a romantic side!!! He had to have learned it from his little sis!! LOL

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