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I have been so busy lately with sessions and editing galleries, I haven’t done much sharing on the personal side.  Although I have been under the weather all week, I decided to take a few pictures of Jake yesterday morning.  He is already the victim of the “second child syndrome” and I have about 75% less pictures of him than I did of Kylie when she was this age.    Our “session” lasted about 10 minutes – and then Kylie wanted to join in.  I was cracking up as I was going through this series of pictures, and I decided it was worth sharing.  There isn’t really one “perfect” picture, but together they tell the story of a beautiful sibling relationship that is just beginning.

I often have a string of pictures like these from client sessions as well.  On an individual basis, not really portrait worthy, but together, a great story.  So, the best thing to do is make a collage……. right?

Just look at the faces on Jake. He is already so animated and boisterous – I can only imagine what it will be like around here when he starts moving!


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by Crystal

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Allyson These are classic! I just want to squeeze Jake’s cheeks :). And Kylie is turning into such a little lady. I love the pic of her with her fingers in her hair.

Crystal Okay – that comment was from my husband – even though it says “Crystal”

Amy B. Jake’s expression in the middle photo on the right is priceless!

Crystal … i love these pictures, love them!!

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