Happy Mother’s Day

What a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend! Some friends of ours invited us to Brunch on Saturday morning (the husbands planned it) and we had a really nice time. I was sad to leave and go play tennis (we were in the ALTA play-offs) but it was great anyway! I took most of the pictures in this post with my NEW Point and Shoot Digital Camera – the Canon SD870 IS. It took me a while to figure out which one I wanted (I’m kind of a camera snob of course) and then my husband got it for me for Mother’s Day!!! My old one was from 2003 – so you can imagine how awful it was….. This one can take video too – so be expecting some funny stuff in the future.

Here’s the three munchkins….

Look at these two – they were born on the same day – just a few hours apart. We are neighbors and friends and just happened to name them Kyle and Kylie…….. the stars are aligned…..

Is this the cutest thing EVER!!!!!
Then, I got an email last night from one of my dearest friends. Her husband gave her the canvas that we ordered for her as a Mother’s Day gift back in March. I’ve been keeping it here in my house and I was just as excited to give it to her as he was! So, she got her gift at 12:02am and she sent me a wonderful email to say how much she loved it. I took this picture at her daughter’s third birthday party – the PRINCESS party. This moment was so special between mother and daughter. So, now I can show you all AND I can share the rest of her birthday pictures with everyone.
The secret is FINALLY out! Here’s the image:
And this is the gorgeous canvas – 16×24
And finally – this morning my husband let me sleep in – which is very difficult for me to do. But, he snuck out of bed to get Kylie before I woke up and then he made me BREAKFAST IN BED! Yes, it’s true, he really did. Pancakes with peanut butter and syrup (my favorite) on a tray with a beautiful rose and Mother’s Day cards from him, Kylie and even the CAT! It was DELICIOUS! And now he’s cleaning the kitchen and playing with Kylie while I do this blog post. He’s the best husband EVER!
I took this picture this morning with my P&S camera – Kylie put on her boots and her jacket all by herself and then posed for a picture – which is RARE!
Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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by Crystal

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