my sweet 12 week old

Just wanted to share my sweet baby boy at 12 weeks old.  I know everyone thinks I must be taking a MILLION pictures of him – but I’m not.  AND, most of the pictures that I have taken are with my nifty point & shoot camera anyway!    Believe it or not, any spare time (when Jake is sleeping and Kylie isn’t asking me “will you play with me mommy, PUUULLLLEEEEZZZZZZ???) is spent working on photography stuff.  Getting ready to get back into the swing of things after 3 months of not “working” is a big task!  

So here are a couple pictures from our 15 minute session today…


And yes, I think he really does weigh around 15 pounds by now – he’s HUGE!!!  🙂


Explanation: Big sister’s idea… enough said.


And, the two little people that have made the biggest impact on my life (besides my wonderful husband) —– life is pretty good!


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by Crystal

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Elizabeth Smith So sweet. I know you are enjoying him so much!

Heidi These pics are awesome! You truly have photogenic children!

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