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You might remember this family because we just recently did a session while mom was pregnant.  Miss “E” arrived a couple days before Christmas – and she is just a sweetheart.  She was awake for most of our session, and surprisingly, she hardly made a fuss.  I couldn’t really curl her up and pose her like I do the sleeping babies – she liked to stretch out.  She’s only two weeks old and so alert.

Doesn’t she almost look a bit annoyed with me here?  Like – “Hey photographer lady, can’t you see I’m trying to relax here??”  Hee-hee!


Mom is amazing.  Mr. “A” came along for the session, so it was just the four of us.  Anytime I tried to take pictures with mom and baby, Mr. A wanted in on the action.  Mom handled everything with a smile, she was so relaxed.  Love that.  🙂


After several hours, Miss E gave in to the sleep.  She REALLY liked being wrapped up, so I decided to just photograph her that way.  Doesn’t she look peaceful?


Of course, big brother didn’t want to have his picture made with his little sister.  Mom let me put her in the baby-doll stroller to see if Mr. A would come with us and take a picture.  I wouldn’t normally share this pic (it’s not really a “portrait”) but don’t you just LOVE the little twinkle in his eyes?!   “Now I’ve got her, look out, here we come!!!”  Of course, he’s a pretty smart little guy, and once he realized it was part of an evil plan to take his picture, he was done.


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