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Yes, this is a post about my daughter.   I was going through some pictures and I’m just amazed at how fast she is growing up.   She never stops talking – which is a joy and a curse all at the same time.  It seems to happen overnight – and before you know it they are blurting out something that you just said (and probably shouldn’t have) – which is hysterical (and a curse at the same time).   She wants to do everything herself and even if she’s not doing it herself it better be done HER WAY!  I really don’t know where she gets the stubborness from……

Anyway – we did a family trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden today.  I’m not a big nature/flower/plant lover – but it was still fun and interesting – and something else to do besides be at home! 

This first picture is hysterical – and maybe a tad bit embarrassing.  We were sitting on the bench (resting) and this older couple walks by and the man points to our daughter with a smile and says “cute”!  We weren’t really paying attention to what Kylie was doing on the other end of the bench – but here you can see the view…..

This was another one from today – I thought it was cute…

And these were from a week or two ago – Kylie went outside with me and let me take a few pictures.  She’s getting more and more “camera friendly” lately.  FUN!!!

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