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Happy Birthday to our Kylie Bear! I thought she deserved a post all her own in my blog since the world revolves around her – at least that’s what most two-year-olds think right?

So, from the words of our little lady…..

It started out like a pretty normal day with a bowl of Kix – but I’m not sure why these goofy rabbits are on my head….

After I played for a while, I went to brunch with the family and ran around outside like a crazy woman. But, I did pause to grace these lucky people with my presence for a picture. Aren’t they cute? Dad, Auntie, Uncle and Grampa!

This is my friend “Mr. Froggie” and his brother “Mr. Froggie”. I kissed him – but he didn’t turn into a prince. What a dirty trick!

After a MUCH NEEDED nap, I went for an Easter Egg Hunt with all my friends. I’m not really sure why everyone spent so much time looking for eggs when the real treasure is the candy inside. I ate a lot of Jelly Beans!

Fueled by my Jelly Beans, Chocolate and who knows what else – I joined the fun in the jumpy house. The best part was mashing my face against the side while my static hair stood straight up! If you want a better look at my face, just click on the picture.

My parents didn’t think I had enough to eat, so after dinner they brought out a BIRTHDAY CAKE! Mommy’s favorite – chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. My official party is next week, so I’ll get another cake then! Woo-hoo!

Oh, I LOVE cake – but especially the frosting…

And the ice cream was soooooo yummy too!

After I finished my delicious treat, I put on my best innocent face so my mommy would get me out of the chair and I could really go crazy from the sugar……. What a GREAT day!

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by Crystal

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