Such a sweety pie!

I had a really nice session yesterday – luckily the rain moved out but it was still pretty wet at the park. This sweet girl was such a good talker – at only 22 months. I am so amazed at how different each and every child is.

Mom planned this session to get pictures as a surprise for Father’s Day (so shhhhh) and I asked her if she wanted anything “in particular” or just a variety. She said something very insightful to me – that she really liked how my pictures looked so “natural” and that she just wanted a variety of different pictures. I was very flattered because that statement is the very essence of what I try to do with my photography – capture the natural moment as it happens – the “real” person and not so much the posed images.

So, here are a few of my favorites. I never know if my favorites will be anyone else’s favorites because I am always drawn to the images that speak to me – rather than the perfect smile or pose. As always – you can CLICK on the image to get a better view.

This was a game of peek-a-boo….

This was a frolick in the park… (click on it)

Just look at these eyes…

This was so cute to me – she’s giving me the eye as she drinks her “coco” – code word for milk!

This one just speaks for itself don’t you think?

And a sweet moment between mother and daughter – truly timeless.

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by Crystal

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hiker125 Your daughter is beautifull!! She has the curly hair like you did and she looks so sweet! Since I do not get to see her, I love when you send pictures. Thank you

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