Sweet 8 month old…..

I got together with a good friend of mine today so I could take pictures of her second child – a sweet baby girl. We thought it would be nice to let our children play together while I take pictures of the baby – not such a great plan. My daughter is 2 1/2 and her son is almost three and it was pretty, how shall I say it, exciting??? So, she tried to keep the kids entertained (and unharmed) while I followed the littlest one around snapping photos. Miss “L” just began to sit up a few weeks ago and she’s already crawling and pulling up on furniture – unbelievable!

Take a look at this little angel – so happy and content – even through costume changes and screaming toddlers all around her (literally).

This was the view I got the most…..

What is going through her head right now??? That perplexing gaze….

At this point I gave up on trying to keep her in any one spot and just started following her all around my house while she explored.

Like the hat??? Old Navy bargain – so cute!

By the end – this was the only look she was giving me – as if to say: Are you done YET???

Click HERE to see a few of her baby pics from November

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by Crystal

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