the 50’s

A little break from the session previews for a personal note…..

Halloween has come and gone and we had a GREAT time!  Our neighborhood does a Halloween Parade since most of the kids are under 4 years old and traditional trick or treating isn’t really an option yet.  We ended the parade at one of the neighbor’s back yard and ordered pizza for everyone.  It’s unbelievable the amount of kids that we have here in our little neighborhood – it seemed like 50 (but probably more like 25ish) – and almost none of them were even born when we moved into this neighborhood 4 years ago.  Oh, how the times change….  Happy hours used to end at 1am – and now they’re done by 7:30pm so we can get all the kiddos in bed.   And I’m so tired – is that from being a mom – or am I just getting old?

Anyway – here’s my sweet Kylie in her “50’s girl” dress that I got at the consignment sale for the bargain price of $5 (I LOVE A BARGAIN!).  And this is her good buddy Ainslee (aka Uniqua from the Backyardigans).   They held hands and collected candy together for the whole parade. 

And, here is the James family – in all our 50’s glory!  🙂   It’s funny, Jeff and I didn’t even talk about dressing up – and then about 30 minutes before it was time to go, we were both scrounging around the house for anything that would look the part.  If only we had a leather jacket for jeff and a PINK sweatshirt for me – it would have been just like Grease Lightning!  (And, yes, there was a pregnant lady in that movie – remember Rizzo??!!!!)

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