the “official” photo shoot

Being a professional photographer, I always tell my clients the best time to photograph a newborn is ASAP – but definitely within the first 10 days.  After that, they are more awake and “stretchy” – plus the baby acne kicks in, etc.  Well, my little guy is proof that EARLIER is better.  He absolutely did NOT want to sleep – and this is a baby that hasn’t been awake for more than 5-10 minutes from birth (besides when he’s eating).  He’s also very regular (if you know what I mean), so he pooped on my furry white blanket and peed about 4 more times after that.  My husband kept asking me – “so, is this what you do with your clients?”  Pretty funny right?  Unfortunately, I just didn’t feel up to taking pictures any earlier with my C-Section recovery.  Even after yesterday I was feeling pretty sore – but it was worth it.  🙂

So, here’s a few pics for you to enjoy.  I didn’t get any of my fun “prop” shots, but maybe I’ll try again in another day or two.  I got a cool new suitcase/box I want to try out.

Baby Jake – 9 days old.  I tend to lean towards black & white for baby pictures – but I thought this “antique” effect looked pretty cool.  He’s saying – “what are these things???”

Don’t be fooled – this was the 3.5 minutes that he was asleep.

I actually took this picture when he was 4 days old.

This was my desperate attempt at getting him to go to sleep naked – NOT HAPPENING!  Even my heater didn’t work on him.

And one with Daddy.  🙂

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by Crystal

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Joy Crystal,
These are so sweet! I think he looks like Kylie more when his eyes are closed. Hope you are well and wait to meet Jake when we are back in Atlanta!

Liz I LOVE the fact that he’s awake in that shot. Those eyes are so striking! You can almost hear him saying, “Is this going to happen a lot?”

Amy B. About time you got back to work. 🙂 The pictures are gorgeous. How about one with mom & Jake!!

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