Two beautiful girls….

Two Blog posts in one day – woo-hoo! 🙂

This was my second session this weekend. I got to meet these two lovely girls, the oldest almost 4 and the youngest 19 months. The one thing mom wanted most was a picture of the two of them together. Let me tell you, these two girls were masterminds at NOT letting me take pictures of them together. It was really funny actually – each of them knew just when to look away or turn around right when the other one was smiling.

When I look at the images, it takes me back to that day. I can really see their personalities in the images and it makes me smile. I hope mom and dad enjoy them as well.

This is baby sister laying on Daddy’s shoulder. I was astounded by how much she was talking at 19 months old. Full, clear sentences and thoughts. WOW!!!

Big hugs!

Are these two so cute or what???? I love the matching haircuts!

Pucker up!!

One of my lollipops was broken – but it worked out great because they like to share……

Actually, I think miss “L” was much happier when her little sister got tired of the lollipop and let her have it all to herself. 🙂 Can’t you just hear it…… ” MINE “

I love this image – it’s one of those timeless moments. A postcard, a canvas on the wall, it speaks volumes.

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by Crystal

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