What Daddy’s teach their children….

I often smile to myself when I watch the things that Daddy teaches Kylie (sometimes on purpose and sometimes not).  Since he doesn’t spend quite as many hours with her as I do, he isn’t trained to think – “should I REALLY show her this trick?”.  For instance, if I forget something upstairs I might call up to Jeff and say – “Hey, can you grab my crocs?” – at which time he will come to the catwalk and proceed to toss them down to me…… hmmmmmm….. what do you think happens next in the story?????

Well – this trick is pretty funny and every kid should learn it.  Good job Daddy – for making life so fun(ny)!!!!!

** Okay, I haven’t figured out how to post the video INTO the blog yet – so if you are interested in a laugh – click the link below and it will play the video on your computer ** 

Tummy Tickle


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by Crystal

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