where has the time gone?

Sometimes I get distracted by old pictures.  It’s amazing what a picture can do.   It can bring back memories, feelings, smiles – real emotions from moments that passed years, even decades ago.   I don’t know what I would do without my pictures – I treasure them so much. 

So with a little nostalgia I post a few pictures for your entertainment enjoyment.

This is me – age 5ish – I TOTALLY remember those sandals – I hated them!  I was even mad to have my picture taken with them – can you tell?  And I have memories of riding in the big red car in the background before we got our VW bug.

Everything about this picture speaks to me.  The black satin, flowered dress my grandma made for me.  Sitting at my table that my grandpa made for me – just my size.  That’s my grandma’s house in the background – she still lives there.  And I remember the collies she had that I was so in love with.  When I look at myself in this picture it’s the first time I really see myself in Kylie.  The shape of our faces as little girls – the hair parted on the same side.  Is it possible she really IS mine – even with her blonde hair and blue eyes???   🙂 

And for me, the pictures below are very nostalgic – although not that long ago.  My sweet baby when she was only 6 months old.  Before I started my photography business, before I could even CONTEMPLATE a sibling for her, before I knew how amazing parenthood could really be (and before she fell off the pumpkin and hit her head while I was taking pictures of her……)   Ahhh, the things you remember when you see a picture – it’s the story, the moment, the secret behind the image that truly makes it special.

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by Crystal

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