With patience comes GREAT images!

This was my third time photographing this beautiful young lady. The last two times, she just went with the flow and did whatever we wanted but now she is 18 months old and has a mind of her own. It’s amazing for me to watch these children grow and become unique individuals.

We spent about 15 minutes in the backyard and I think Mom was ready to throw in the towel. Little miss “A” was frowning and crying and showing us her temper. I suggested we go inside and relax and just let her have a break. Even the youngest of children know when something is “expected” of them. Well, after a little milk break the smiles started flowing and she was so happy to show us her “fun side” on her own terms.

So, what started out with these faces………

Ended up with lots of these faces!

I LOVE this picture! I just knew when I snapped the shutter that it was gorgeous. I’m thinking huge CANVAS! 🙂 She’s holding her “night-night” blanky. Click on it to get a better view of her eyes.

And sometimes pictures just go together and tell their own story. I thought I would share these two collages I did. This was her baby that she set up for a picture (click on it to see it bigger)

And this was the jumping part of the session!

Thanks miss “A” for coming out of your shell and letting me get some fabulous images for mom! Next up (later this year) the whole family including her older twin brothers!

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by Crystal

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