wonderful session, and a little rain

I had such a great morning with this family on Sunday.  It’s a good thing none of us checked the forecast before we met or we might have cancelled.  But – we got all the pictures done before it really started raining – then we stood around talking in the rain when we were done.  I know I’ve said this before – but I have to say it again – the best part about my job is the people that I meet.  Every time I have a session, I feel like I’ve made some new friends!   Little Miss “R” just turned two and was so sweet and full of smiles.  Mom and Dad were very relaxed and laid back – which makes my job so much easier.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me  – I hope you enjoy these preview pictures until the rest of yours are ready!

These are the infamous “purple crocs” that Mom said she wears 24/7 LITERALLY!  She even takes a bath and goes to bed in them!  Of course, they sneak in and take them off after she falls asleep.  Kids are so funny!

Just look at those eyes!

This was so cute – she ran up REALLY CLOSE to let my camera smell the flower.  🙂

Our very own little “diva”



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by Crystal

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