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Sweet Family of Three

This Fall has been so beautiful.  The leaves changing color, the crisp air, and seeing all my wonderful clients and friends (that’s the best part)!  I always look forward to this session because Mom and I have been friends since our first session in 2008 – FOUR years ago!   Watching miss “C” grow up has been such a delight.  We always have such a fun time, and I have to put in a shameless plug for her dad, Scott, who has just started his own Landscaping Business (in case anyone’s looking -

I love this shot – oh my goodness!

Can you tell we had a blast?!

I thought it might be fun to show this image.  I knew when I took the image that I wanted a certain “look” for it.  On the left is the original, and the right is my artistic version.  Can you totally see the teenager already?

My little Diva!  :)

Love you guys!

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Two boys and a girl….again.

Honestly, it’s hard to believe that two years have gone by since our last session.  I still feel like it was yesterday when Jacob and Kylie were in the 2 year old class together, holding hands in their Halloween costumes.  But alas, time does go quickly, and our little ones grow up.

We started our session, and before I pressed the shutter button on the first picture, it started to rain.  We ran for cover, then repeated the process.  It started to rain again.  BUT, fifteen minutes later, the sky opened up and the sun came bursting out!  YAY!!!!!!!  And, well, you know how it goes from there.  All smiles, giggles and fun!

Brotherly love.  Such a sweet and loving big brother too.  I know Jacob will always look up to him.  :)

And little sister is all grown up, with lots of spunk.  She just loved being goofy with me, and I couldn’t help but giggle with her.

Yes, I’m obsessed with comparison pictures.  I had to do it.  Crazy the change two years can make right??

And, my FAV, FAV, FAVORITE!  Giving mom some love.  For all the hard work each day, we get paid in hugs.  And it’s worth every. single. second.

I feel honored and lucky to be the one to capture these moments.  THANK YOU!

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We had a great time in the park, and it was such a beautiful morning.  Sweet little miss Charley is growing up so fast, and she is definitely the star of the show.  Mom and Dad are so full of love and joy when they look at her, it makes me smile.  :)  And if you REALLY want to see a smile, just have Mom and Dad swing her…..

I love profile images.  There is one that I have of Kylie when she was about this age, and it just reminds me of her sweet baby cheeks, soft curved nose, and whispy curls.  Fleeting moments.

Enjoy your peek!

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by Crystal

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Fall is in the air

I love Fall.  It’s my favorite season by far.  When I went out in the morning to do this session, I could feel a spring in my step just from the cool morning air.  I feel so lucky to know mom (our children go to school together at St. Benedicts Episcopal Day School), and she always has a smile and positive energy about her.  I would call her magnetic.  :)  Dad was such a trooper, helping us wrangle the youngest little man into the pictures and all around the park.  Anyone with three kiddos will tell you, it’s not a simple task to coordinate a portrait session for a family of five.

But we had a great time and lots of laughs!

Love the sibling hugs!!

I was so excited that mom mentioned she would like a picture of her and dad together.  I usually have to coax my clients to take these pictures, but I always feel it’s so important.  These two lovely people are the reason the kids are here in the first place, right?  Love.



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Fun with the girls

To say I adore these girls would be an understatement.  I’ve been photographing them since the oldest was 9 months old.  Since then, Mom has had two more girls, and I have loved capturing all the milestones for these little ladies as well.  Some of you probably saw the “outtake” I posted last month, and so I thought I would share a few more from our session.

Sweet Sophia, she’s grown so much since her newborn session!

And then Chloe, oh my goodness, those beautiful locks of hair and charming smile.  When I looked back at the session we did in the park, I couldn’t believe how grown up she looks now!

And Ava.  First born.  Big Sister.  Oldest.  She’s growing up right before my eyes.

One of my favorite parts about doing sessions with my repeat clients, is being able to compare the images from previous sessions.  I took this one of Sophia because I remembered doing the same shot of Chloe and Ava when they were about the same age.  It’s so fun to see how different they look, and how much the same!

And, in the spirit of outtakes, I thought I would share these.  Lisa Phillipson, my friend and fellow photographer, came along to help me out with this session.  She managed to capture these “behind the scenes” images and they made me giggle.  Amazing how we can go from this………(Chloe crying, then me showing them the picture and feeding them some candy)……

…….. to this, just a few minutes later.  Persistance (and Pez) will truly pay off.


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