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Monday love

Another edition of Monday Love…..

A quoteAt work, you think of the children you have left at home. At home, you think of the work you’ve left unfinished. Such a struggle is unleashed within yourself. Your heart is rent. – Golda Meir

Something personal: Without going on and on about the details of the last four days, I will say it was GREAT!  I have been so extremely busy with work the last several weeks and I decided not to do any work Thursday-Sunday and just enjoy the leisure time with my family.  What a wonderful and joyful feeling.  At first it’s really difficult to “turn it off” when I kept thinking about all the things that need to get done.  But after about 24 hours of “disconnect” from my computer, my mind slowed down, I could breathe a little easier, and it was finally peaceful (at least in my mind!).  So, like many of you, I ate WAY too much, got a little extra sleep, had lots of family time, and even got the Christmas decorations out!  Woo-hoo!

Today it was back to my long to-do list (including Monday Love).  It has taken all day, but I got everything done that was urgent (especially the Santa Pictures).  And so, in the spirit of the holidays, here are a bunch of my favorites from our Annual Santa Day at the Shoppe of Vinings.  We had lots of hugs and smiles, and a few tears (or should I say screams) as well.  It really is a wonderful time!

I love these next few pics, Mr. Mason.  From screaming to delighted…… it’s amazing what a little candy can do!

And finally, the lovely ladies at the Shoppe (and Santa), who make it all happen.  THANK YOU!!! :)


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by Crystal

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Monday love

Another edition of Monday love….

A Quote: ‘Santa Claus has the right idea.  Visit people once a year.’ Victor Borge

Something Personal:  Santa was in town a little early — at the Shoppe of Vinings.  This has been an annual tradition at the shop for well over 10 years, and for me, three years.  It really is a wonderful time and this Santa is the genuine real-deal!  He remembers all the kids that return to see him every year, he snuggles with the babies, and he listens intently to the many lists of coveted toys and treasures.   I give him credit – it’s not an easy job to be so loved…… and so, um, what’s the word…… utterly terrifying??

Here’s how my Jake feels about Santa…….. (Don’t worry, no children were harmed during the taking of this photograph). ;)

And then there’s my Kylie-Bear……

Of course, just two short years ago I couldn’t even get Kylie to go near Santa so I know Jake will come around.  There were so many kids that were screaming, crying, and reaching out to their parents.  Is it bad that it’s kind of cute because we know that one day they will “get it?”   When these children get back in their parents arms the crying immediately stops and they look at the parents (and Santa) with this big pouty lip and curious face as if to say: WHY?????????   Oh to believe again……

(For those that are looking for their Santa Pics, they will be available for viewing beginning November 29th)

Cool Shopping Find:  If you’re an early bird holiday shopper then you’ll love these fun stocking stuffers from the Land of Nod. The best part is – FREE SHIPPING!!

Here are a couple of my favorites.  Remember these guys??? So classic!

And how fun are these Scribble It Postcards?  Kylie would probably use them all up in one day and want me to send them right away to Nana, Dzia-Dzia, Grandpa, and Gramma Gail! :)

Images from Land of Nod website


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Santa Day THIS Saturday!!

It’s almost here!!!  Mark your calendars!  THIS SATURDAY — November 13th from 11am-4pm, the REAL Santa Claus will be at the Shoppe of Vinings.

Here’s how it works….

Tickets will be given out beginning at 10:30am.  Your ticket will have a number on it — so you don’t have to try and stand in line with your kids.  You can hang around outside or do a little shopping (15% off storewide) and your number will be called when Santa is ready for you.  Bring your camera because you are welcome to take your own pictures!   Of course, I will be taking pictures as well and my images will be available online after the event for viewing and purchase if you wish.

Shoppe of Vinings  |  3244 Cobb Parkway (in the Kroger Shopping Center)  |  Atlanta, GA  30339  |  770-818-0708

Here are a few fun pics from last year…

I don’t know if Santa is REALLY a NY fan, but he’s a good sport! :)

Don’t forget to bring your list – Santa loves lists!

Okay – I had to include this one.  I was browsing through last year’s photos and recognized my friend Lisa’s family — back before I even met Lisa!  I don’t think Kate liked sitting with Santa, but there’s not much that a good lollipop can’t fix! :)

See you Saturday!!
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by Crystal

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More holiday cards

I am very excited to share some unique and special holiday cards for this year.  I have several designs, all customizeable with colors and text.  These are the round ornament cards – 5×5 in size and they can be ordered with pre-drilled holes so you can string a ribbon through and WAH-LAH – an ornament for the tree!

To further customize them, we can add a scallop border.  These are also beautiful as a simple flat or two-sided 5×5 card as well.

And a couple more 5×7 holiday card designs…..

NOTE: The holiday session deadline is fast approaching (November 7th) and all orders must be placed by November 13th to guarantee holiday delivery!

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by Crystal

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Holiday Time?

I think the weather is throwing me off – it’s hard to think about Christmas when it’s 92 degrees outside!  But, alas, I must make a few announcements before it gets too late…..

1 – The holidays REALLY ARE almost here!

2 – The cut-off for portrait sessions requiring holiday cards or gifts will be November 7th (yikes!) — that’s only six weeks away!

3 – I am considering mini-sessions this year if there is enough interest out there – send me a note! :)

4 – MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the best Santa ever – at the Shoppe of Vinings on Saturday, November 13th.  More details to follow!

5 – Available session dates are booking up FAST, so if you really want fall portraits – contact me as soon as possible!

Here are a few holiday card samples from the many different collections available this year.

Side note:  The cards don’t actually have rounded edges – that’s just a template that I used to insert the images. :)

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