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Monday Love / The Beginning

Another edition of Monday Love...

A quote: ‘I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.”  J.B. Priestly

Something personal: Whew!  What a whirlwind of a summer!  It really flew by so incredibly fast this year (well, except for this last week when my kids were at each other’s throats constantly).  I honestly feel like I just watched Kylie “graduate” Kindergarten a couple weeks ago!  And with the beginning of a new school year, it marks the end of another season of life.  I look at Kylie and (hesitantly) say goodbye to my little Kindergartener .  And then Jake, who cried for the first 8 weeks of preschool last year, got out of the car without hesitation this morning (sniff-sniff).  They are starting over with a fresh new year of school, new opportunities abound, and it’s exciting!  Fall is upon us (CRAZY, I know), and I am getting back in gear for a great season of memory capturing.  ;)

So, here is my “back-to-school” post just like I did last year. (And how ironic that I named that post “new beginnings” last year?!)

This is how the five-minute-get-some-pictures-right-before-we-leave session started….

A walk down memory lane for a minute.  I think he looks the same, right?!?

But Kylie looks older, less like my baby and more like a young lady.  Thank goodness for a uniform that requires that adorable peter-pan collared blouse.  :)

And who do you think had the biggest growth spurt??

I tried to get some individual shots of Jake, but he is such a ham when I get my camera out.  Honestly, I don’t know where he gets it.  (Couldn’t be his father)

But, a little bribe (cookie) goes a LONG way with this little man.

You can’t see Kylie’s missing tooth in this picture (it’s on the bottom) but she is very proud of that hole in her mouth.

Something I love: Instagram.  And so, after giving little mini-lessons to some of my friends, I thought, why not show more people how to use it?  Instagram is on the rise for sure (facebook purchased Instagram in April), but I know some people don’t really “get it” yet.  AND, it’s just one more thing to figure out, and one more way to edit/store/do something besides PRINT a picture, RIGHT?  Well, not really.  Actually, with apps like Postal Pix and companies like, it’s becoming very easy to print those pictures that are stuck in your phone.  And, if any of you are anything like me, it’s much easier when someone just SHOWS ME HOW TO DO IT!  Soooooooooooo, for those that are interested, I am going to offer up my help.  Introducing Tiny Topics.  This first Tiny Topics event will be in-person.  It’s just you and I, somewhere, one one one, doing a quick hands on training.  My first Tiny Topics session will be next TUESDAY morning (August 21st) at a location in Smyrna/Vinings.  The Tiny “topic” will be Instagram (I’ll help you get set up, show you how to use it, and show you how to get those fabulous images printed!).  Oh, and I only really have experience with the iPhone (sorry my Android friends).

The best part…… it’s FREE!  Just contact me via email, phone, facebook, my website, or yell at me in carpool, and get yourself signed up for a time slot.  I’ll let you know where to meet me.

Time slots will be: 9am, 9:45, 10:30am, 11:15am, 12pm — first come, first serve.  :)

Happy Monday!!!



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by Crystal

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13 Crafts + 4 kids = summer fun!

A break from our regularly scheduled programming (The Wider Angle), I thought I would share some details from my recent excursion to Michaels on the hunt for some summer crafts.  Allyson and I decided to share a babysitter for a few days during the summer.  It gives our kids a chance to play together, and gives everyone a little break.  Well, everyone except our babysitter!  After the first day (and listening to some of the drama here at my house), I thought it might be a good idea to have some focused activities for them to do, in addition to free play and outside time.  Allyson had a 20% off coupon for Michaels, so off I went!

Here’s the loot, which cost us $5 per kid per day.  Hey, even with the babysitter, it’s way cheaper than summer camp!!  ;)

  1. Red T-Shirts and Fabric Paint (for July 4th)
  2. Visors w/stickers to decorate
  3. Design-a-mug (these were only $1, so I won’t feel too bad when I throw it away *gasp*!)
  4. Paint your own Canvas (each one has it’s own palette, brush, and paint attached to the back) – only $3 each
  5. Creatology box of materials to create animal puppets (then maybe they can put on a show)
  6. Fingerpaint Kits (each box had it’s own paint and paper, so each kid can have their own)
  7. Twine and beads (for making necklaces, belts, key chains, maybe even a jumprope?? )
  8. Bear Masks to decorate and play with
  9. Small wooden coloring pieces
  10. Make your own bookmark set
  11. Highlights BIG BOX of activities (on clearance for $4.99)
  12. Some silly foam animals that grow in the water (don’t laugh, they were only $.75)
  13. Jumbo Activity book and a pack of white craft paper

Please share any of your great summer craft/activity ideas, I can use all the help I can get!  :)
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Monday Love / Time Off

Another edition of Monday Love…

A Quote: As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do. -Zachary Scott

Something Personal: As I ponder my very complicated and busy summer schedule, I’m having very mixed emotions.  SO much work to get done, which I enjoy doing.  Yet so much fun to be had with my little ones before they get too big to enjoy my company.  When you run your own business (photographer, editor, marketer, customer service, blogger, fulfillment, taxes, bookkeeping, etc.) it becomes a real challenge to actually take time off, because nothing gets done if you are not there to do it.  *sigh*  Still, I’m hoping to keep my sessions to a bare minimum this summer and only work on the necessities so that I can spend the next few weeks doing some fun things with Kylie and Jake.  I can’t believe she is starting Kindergarten in 8 weeks.  JUST. CAN’T. BELIEVE. IT.

I wanted to share a couple cute pics of Kylie and her BFF Ainslee, at Centennial Park last week (Jake was dressed for the fountains, but he wanted to be in the pic too).  We were there with an agenda I had for a possible July Cover photo for a National Magazine – but it was so darned hot (and then there was a shooting – yes a SHOOTING – in the fountains) so my plans didn’t really work out.  But, the girls looked cute anyway, and I’m so grateful we were still eating ice cream when the incident took place in the water fountains.

Frame Contest Winner: Drumroll please………. AMY RICHARDSON, you are the lucky winner of the 8×10 frame with your very own image printed and mounted inside!!  Congratulations!!!  I took a picture of my old school drawing process.  Yes, I know there are websites that will randomly pick numbers for you – but I just assume write names on little pieces of paper, put them in a bowl, and draw one out.  We had tons of entries – thank you all for participating!!  What beautiful kids (and great family photographers) out there!!



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Calling all cute kids!!!!

I really thought I would be flooded with entries for this frame contest.  Doesn’t EVERYONE have at least one cute picture of their kids???  All you have to do is email me a jpg and leave a comment about the frames to be entered to win!!!  Here are a few of the entries so far……  any cute snapshot will do!  (It’s going to be a random drawing, not judged.)

You could win YOUR OWN image professionally printed and mounted as an 8×10 in the pink or blue frame (your choice!).  Send me a picture to crystal (AT) tinyheartstudios (dot) com.

And, here’s a cute snapshot of my kids that I thought would look sooooo cute in the blue frame!  Oh wait, I can’t win right??

HURRY!!!!!  Send me a pic!!  I need at least 10 entries for the contest to be valid!
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by Crystal

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The Wider Angle / CONTEST!

A break from our normal routine…..  Instead of a column, I am having a contest!  I’m thinking of offering these adorable frames in my studio.  They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  I would love to know what you think of them.

Now for the contest….

You could win your choice of one of the following frames (pink or blue), with your favorite 8×10 image professionally printed and mounted inside (over $100 value!).  All you have to do is leave a comment here on my blog or on facebook letting me know what you think about the frames and EMAIL me a picture that you think would look good inside your new frame.  Send a .jpg file to:  crystal (AT) tinyheartstudios (dot) com.  I am going to post a couple finalists and pick a winner next week to get the FREE FRAME, then I will print and mount your image inside the frame for you.  So, get the word out!  Share with your friends!  We need at least 10 entries for the contest to be valid.  :)

Any cute picture will do, but it must be a picture that you took yourself.  The frames can be vertical or horizontal.  Cute right???

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by Crystal

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