13 Crafts + 4 kids = summer fun!

A break from our regularly scheduled programming (The Wider Angle), I thought I would share some details from my recent excursion to Michaels on the hunt for some summer crafts.  Allyson and I decided to share a babysitter for a few days during the summer.  It gives our kids a chance to play together, and gives everyone a little break.  Well, everyone except our babysitter!  After the first day (and listening to some of the drama here at my house), I thought it might be a good idea to have some focused activities for them to do, in addition to free play and outside time.  Allyson had a 20% off coupon for Michaels, so off I went!

Here’s the loot, which cost us $5 per kid per day.  Hey, even with the babysitter, it’s way cheaper than summer camp!!  😉

  1. Red T-Shirts and Fabric Paint (for July 4th)
  2. Visors w/stickers to decorate
  3. Design-a-mug (these were only $1, so I won’t feel too bad when I throw it away *gasp*!)
  4. Paint your own Canvas (each one has it’s own palette, brush, and paint attached to the back) – only $3 each
  5. Creatology box of materials to create animal puppets (then maybe they can put on a show)
  6. Fingerpaint Kits (each box had it’s own paint and paper, so each kid can have their own)
  7. Twine and beads (for making necklaces, belts, key chains, maybe even a jumprope?? )
  8. Bear Masks to decorate and play with
  9. Small wooden coloring pieces
  10. Make your own bookmark set
  11. Highlights BIG BOX of activities (on clearance for $4.99)
  12. Some silly foam animals that grow in the water (don’t laugh, they were only $.75)
  13. Jumbo Activity book and a pack of white craft paper

Please share any of your great summer craft/activity ideas, I can use all the help I can get!  🙂

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by Crystal

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