LaQuisha at Icon Studios

My journey continues with Wednesday’s Child Georgia and I wanted to share the images I did for LaQuisha’s special day.  This whole process has definitely forced me out of my comfort zone, personally and professionally.  On the professional side, I never know what the situation will be for pictures (lighting, atmosphere, timing, etc) and this day was very challenging.  The video guy and I were laughing about the room for the choreography segment – no windows, bright orange walls AND two sides were all mirrors.  But as we got into the groove, it all worked out and I could feel the joy in the room as LaQuisha danced.  On a personal side, meeting these kids and hearing their stories has challenged so much of what I ‘believe’ about the life I live.  In a world where it feels like we can never have enough, these kids don’t even have a family to love them.  LaQuisha has been moved in the system 30 times.  THIRTY TIMES!!!  She misses her mom.  She misses having a family.  She had some ‘behavior problems’ as they said in her interview — but WHO WOULDN’T?  It’s called survival skills.  You can listen to her Interview Segment on Fox 5 Atlanta here. The girl I met is beautiful and sweet.  She was so nervous when we arrived at the studio.  They asked her if she wanted to sing in the sound room, and she did, but I could tell she was still nervous.  After that we went upstairs to a dance room, and I could see the light of her heart shine through in her smile.  She loves to dance.  Her face lit up and she couldn’t hide her pride and happiness.  Everyone was clapping and high-fiving her.  It was so freakin’ awesome. My heart was bursting for her. Here are a few pics from the afternoon.  A couple of hours where LaQuisha (hopefully) felt loved, celebrated, special, unique, valued, and total worth spending time with.  WORTH EVERY SECOND.

  If you want to see more pictures, you can watch this video:

And for more information about LaQuisha and many other children that need homes, visit

I have to remind myself (constantly) that I may not be able to change the world, but I CAN do SOMETHING.


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by Crystal

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