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A Quote Sometimes a headache is all in your head.  Relax.  ~Hartman Jule

Something PersonalFamily Portrait Session.  How do those three words make you feel?  I think for most, it strikes a chord of fear, or maybe even terror, right?  As a photographer, I always try to minimize this feeling for my clients (especially the husbands) by letting them know we are going to have FUN — and I promise we will get some great shots.  I promise!  So, what is it that makes a family portrait session so stressful?  Well, I had mine on Friday afternoon (with the wonderful Lisa Phillipson) and although I went into it very relaxed, by the end, I was stressed.  I had talked Jeff off the ledge that morning – something like this: “Relax, whatever happens is fine.  Just let the kids run around and have fun.  We’ll all just have fun and if it’s not perfect – who cares!”  I think it worked, because he was pretty calm and cool for the entire 90 minutes.   We were ready on time, the kids took naps and had something to eat, there wasn’t any traffic…… things were off to a great start.  I picked a cool location that I had wanted to try – and the only bad news was a high of 91 degrees for the day.  The first five minutes were great, the kids were calm and we all stood together and got a couple family shots.  I’m convinced that it’s during these short quiet times that my kids are scheming in their minds and planning their “great escape” – then they’re OFF!  It then became the normal scene with a family of four (with a toddler and pre-schooler), chasing kids, trying to keep them together, trying to get them to smile (HA!), all while dressed up, sweating, and wearing fall clothing and 3-inch heels (just me in the heels of course).  I was dripping with sweat and had a blister on my toe – and snapped at Kylie when she was blowing spit bubbles during what should have been an adorable family picture.  Lisa was great, and very relaxed.  She made funny faces, jumped around, and even brought out Elmo to get some giggles from the Jakester.   When we were done I was exhausted and I felt guilty about snapping at Kylie (although the spit bubbles really pushed me over the edge), and I wondered (like everybody does) if Lisa had gotten even ONE shot with everyone looking remotely happy.

She did.  Here’s proof.  😉

This picture was well into the session so we had already taken off the kids’ matching clothes (Jake was really suffering in a shirt AND sweater vest) and we had intended to just take some cute pics of the kids at this point.  BUT, they were both happy sitting on the stools (eating some bribe candy), so Jeff and I jumped in for a pic.  I love it!  Lisa was kind enough to share a handful of images with me right away, and I love them all.  In hindsight, it was all in my head (well, the part about me sweating was real), and the kids did great and so did Jeff.  Only I, the photographer, was stressed out.  Man it’s hard to be on the other side of the lens!  Thanks Lisa, for capturing my family in such a beautiful way.  I can’t wait to do your pictures…… you have 8 days left to prepare!  😉

Something funny: On the same theme as family sessions, I thought I would share a funny outtake from a recent one.  This session with Jennifer and her family was a BLAST!   Zach and Olivia are older than my two kiddos so it’s a little easier to get cooperation.  I have found some interesting ways to get some giggles out of this age – one of which is the tongue competition.  Sometimes I’ll ask them (on the count of three) to stick out their tongues as far as possible so I can see who’s is the longest – a recipe for LOTS of giggles – but in this case it might have gone a little too far!  I’ll let you use your imagination as to what might have happened in between these two photos.  😉

Something interesting: Without going into too much detail on my thoughts about industrialization, chemicals, auto-immune disorders, and my overall fear of what’s happening in our society right now — I just wanted to share something that I think is helpful.  For me, it’s a little step in the right direction for my kids.  I do the best I can to make good choices for them with the information I have.  Here is a link to a shopping guide from the EWG that includes the “dirty dozen” and the “clean 15” — which are the fruits and veggies with the highest and lowest amounts of residual pesticides on them.  Click for the Shopping Guide.  (There’s even an iPhone app)!!!


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Lisa Phillipson Ahhh, thanks. The countdown begins for me and the diet begins! Can’t wait but hope it is a little cooler for us. I wonder how stressed I will be? A good taste of our own medicine I guess? Thanks again – have a happy (rainy) Monday!

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