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Another edition of Monday Love….

A Quote: The soul never thinks without a picture.  Aristotle

Something Personal: This post is full of pictures!  The “something I love” is my new point and shoot camera – the Canon s95!  I gave my “old” camera (Canon SD870) to my mother-in-law because her point and shoot camera was really awful.  I bought (and returned) two other cameras (the Canon sd1400 and the Nikon s4000) before I settled on the s95.   Being a photographer, and being spoiled by my DSLR, it’s really hard to “love” a point & shoot camera, but this one is pretty cool!  It can shoot in full manual mode and has an awesome “low light” setting that works wonders inside and out (even when it’s dark – I mean REALLY dark).  I truly believe in the “snapshot” and I think you should always have a camera handy (even an iPhone will do) just so you don’t miss the really fun “in-between” moments of life.

Saturday we made our annual jaunt to Cagle’s Dairy Farm with a BUNCH of our friends from the ‘hood.  This is also something I love, and look forward to, every year.  The highlight of the trip is always the hayride and s’mores by the fire.  I had a blast with my new camera – just snapping away!  Here are a few for you to enjoy – straight out of the camera, unedited, quick snapshots, fun moments….  🙂

The sun flare was so cool – can you tell I’m kind of addicted?? 🙂

Okay, just so you know, KYLIE told ME that she was going to “lay down” for this picture.  Then she proceeded to lay down on the log and strike a pose.  Jake’s used to her though…..

This one was on the low-light setting.  It was already dusk – but you can’t tell by the picture.  We have a nice “glow” from the fire right?  That’s Kylie’s first love, Kyle.  They were born on the same day and we leave a few doors away from each other (for now…..).

This was the scene around our firepit.  We all had our fill of s’mores (if that’s even possible).  It was completely dark outside and I took this picture on the low-light setting WITHOUT a flash.  So cool!

Of course, I did take the BEAST (aka Canon 5D MarkII) with me as well. Our family also has a little tradition of taking pictures in the old wood shed behind the pumpkin patch.  Some cute pics of the family (and some more sun-flare)…..

My Kylie-Bear loves to be a poser!  😉

And then there’s Jake – avoiding my camera at all cost.  He was a little unsure of the whole pumpkin patch – especially the hayride!

I gave Dad my camera so I could get in on the picture action too!  🙂

Cool Shopping Find: I was browsing through the catalog from Exposures and saw the Big Organizer Album.  It totally reminds me of my childhood because my mom was really good about taking pictures and putting them into albums.  We had several that were book-style albums, and the pages had flaps that would open up to show even MORE pictures.  I looked through them over and over again – great memories.  I thought this big album would be a cool way to store A LOT of photos in one compact place, and it looks durable enough for the kids to flip through it.

Something funny: I really need to get this sneak peek up, but since it’s not ready, I thought I would share an outtake from the session.  When I saw this image, I burst out laughing!  Dad was such a good sport, he kept putting Sam back on top of his sisters – and Sam apparently thought the whole thing was positively hysterical (as you can see)!  There are several more just like this image and they just make me laugh every time I look at them.  I know it’s not a “perfect” family portrait – but it’s guaranteed to get a smile every time right??  🙂


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