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Another edition of Monday Love

A Quote“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss

Something Personal: I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today.  A good friend of mine is moving away — all the way to Dallas — and I’m sad.  She was actually one of the first people I met when we were building our home in this little EastGate community, and I knew right away that we would be friends.  Of course it helped that both of our husbands were from Buffalo too.  It’s been six years since Jeff and I moved into our first home and we have built a “village” of friends here.  We have had a blast partying “pre-kids” and have also made so many memories while watching our kids be born and grow into adorable pre-schoolers.  There is such a feeling of safety and security knowing that you can call on any one of your neighbors to help in an emergency (like when you have to take one child to the hospital in the middle of the night, or some strange guy on a scooter is knocking on your door!).  Most of all, it’s nice to be surrounded by people that are going through the same challenge we call parenthood — and having FUN while we do it together (with some wine….)!   Morgan and Mike, we will miss you and the girls.  I know you’re not falling off the earth or anything, but the reality is that you’re not going to be just a short walk away anymore.  Your new house is GORGEOUS and your awesome public schools will be AMAZING – and you will meet so many new and wonderful people to add to your list of friends.  You will be richer, in many ways.  GOOD LUCK!!!  <3

The ladies from the ‘hood while we celebrated the Lawley Family Farewell last weekend!

To add to the nostalgia – our house when we closed…. February 2004

And later after we moved in!

Here are a few more pictures from this weekend.  Please excuse the not-so-great snapshot quality — but as most of you know, I’m a believer that ALL kinds of pictures are worth keeping and treasuring, even if they are not perfect!  My friend Andrea sent me two of the most adorable shirts with “turkey-letters” for Thanksgiving.   Kylie loves to match Jake, so she was absolutely thrilled to wear hers.  I can’t wait to get the Christmas ones that she is sending……  🙂

Had to share this picture of Nana with her kids, and their kids.   As most of you know, I came from a VERY small family with no siblings.  I can’t imagine how amazing it must be for Nana to come visit us and be surrounded by her children that have grown up and had children of their own.   Sooooooo cool.  Thank you Nana for just being you (and for the lemon cookies…. which are gone!)

A tip: People often ask me where they should print their images.  I highly recommend as a great consumer site with lots of fun products that can be made from your images.  Think fun and unique holiday gifts such as playing cards, calendars, magnets, puzzles, and so much more!  You can also order holiday cards, although I’m a little partial to Tiny and for cards.  🙂  If you are printing from digital negatives from your photographer (hopefully me), it’s important to know that your images have a specified color profile embedded (known as sRGB) and using a professional lab like Mpix means your images will look just as I intended them to look when I was hand-crafting them to perfection.  Other labs, such as Walgreens, Costco, etc. might be using their own color profiles for printing – so you just never know what you might get back.  😉


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