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Another edition of Monday Love…

A Quote: Live as long as you may, the first twenty years are the longest half of your life. – Robert Southey, The Doctor

Something Personal: Stop, stop, stop!  It’s going so fast!  I was looking through a bunch of snapshots from the past week and I just can’t believe how fast my kiddos are growing up!  Kylie is learning to read and write (seriously, she can sound out so many words and tries to write them too!) and Jake got his first haircut!   At bedtime last night I was holding Jake and wondering how he went from fitting on my chest, to spanning my whole upper body.  I am almost a little jealous (but not quite jealous enough to have another of my own) of a few friends who are now pregnant and having their THIRD babies!  😉  So why is it that when you are a kid the time seems to move at a snail’s pace, but when you get older, it flies by at lightning speed?

I had to share these two pics.  Jeff and I were leaving for his work holiday dinner and I always have the babysitter snap a quick photo of us, especially since we rarely get dressed up to go out anymore.  And YES, the tree is un-decorated, but it’s done now.  Kylie and Jake were sitting on the couch watching us get our picture taken and REALLY wanted to join in.  I like it so much better with them in it!  😉

Kylie’s latest artwork.  Translation: Misigos = Mrs. Claus and some other words of course – Jeffrey (written backwards) and Momme (she doesn’t understand why we keep telling her it’s a “Y” at the end).   I especially love the attention to detail – we all have five fingers on each hand!  🙂

My Jakester’s first haircut!!!  Kylie got her first cut at exactly 18 months old and Jake is almost 2.  They both had very little hair at this point.

But it looks soooo much better now!  🙂

Something interesting:  When learning about photography, you will often here people talk about white balance and color temperature.  Pictures can be warm or cool depending on the lighting situation and your camera’s white balance setting.  I thought I would share this picture of our family to let you see the difference between a “cool” and “warm” picture.  These examples are a bit extreme – just to show you how much a picture can vary.

The first one is how the camera took the picture (auto white balance).  I tend to like my pictures a bit on the cool side, but probably a little warmer than this.

In photoshop I warmed up the picture so you can see the difference in color.  Skin tones are more red (instead of blue) and there is more gold in the tree and an overall “glow” to the image.  If I were editing this picture to my preference, it would be somewhere between the two.

Cool shopping find: I’ve been looking through a lot of catalogs lately.  I think I get about 5 per day in the mail – UGGHH!  I came across these night-lights from Garnet Hill and thought they were pretty cool – maybe for my niece (she’s a tween).  🙂  Image below is from the Garnet Hill website.  They are only $8 if you buy two or more!

I also bought those scribble it postcards that I talked about a couple weeks ago – and they are SO cool!  Perfect for a stocking stuffer!  I need more stocking stuffer ideas, so feel free to send some my way!  🙂


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by Crystal

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Bridgette Eckerson Crystal, you look beautiful, as always! And I love that, between the two pictures, you and Jeff both have bigger smiles when Kylie and Jake are in the picture! Way to show the love!

Lisa Phillipson I LOVE (I mean tinyheart) Kylie’s artwork. Precious. I especially love seeing her real 5 fingers in the picture!

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