Monday Love

Another edition of Monday Love……..finally!

A quote: Weather is a great metaphor for life – sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella. ~Terri Guillemets

Something Personal:  The last two weeks are a complete blurrrrrrrrr.  A week of being snowed/iced in my house, followed by a week in San Antonio at the Professional Photographers of America national conference, followed by a COLD (sniff-sniff)!  I have to admit I scoffed at the people who crowded the grocery stores buying up the last of the milk and bread when news of the snow became urgent.  I mean seriously, can’t we all survive a day or two in our houses without multiple loaves of bread and several gallons of milk (not to mention the bagged lettuce that was completely gone).  I figured I could survive one or two days stuck at home with the food I had in my pantry and freezer.  Boy was I wrong!  By the fifth day of forced house arrest there were some strange meals being served to my family (by me), and the rationing of milk was ongoing.  Next time it snows I will be the FIRST one at the grocery store to buy up everything!  I’m only half joking of course.  The first few days were fun, but the last few were very challenging, to put it mildly.

So, here are some pictures of the “fun” part!

The highlight for both Jake and Kylie was EATING the snow.  Not sure why, but they were both completely obsessed.  Poor little Jakester’s face was snow-burnt!

And then there’s the indoor “fun” when you become tired of the toys you have……. so you create something new.  Ummmm, helmet?

Kylie loves to draw.  I sat down to draw with her, and she copied my picture.  I’m not so good at drawing (as my husband will tell you) and I kind of think Kylie’s picture is BETTER thank mine!  🙂  That’s her on the left, kneeling down to eat some strawberries.

Hopefully our next snowfall will be a softer, gentler kind of snow.  And then, hopefully spring will arrive!!

A cool shopping find: Do you ever have trouble figuring out how much spaghetti to cook?  It happens to me all the time.  Half a box doesn’t quite look like enough, the whole box is too much, etc, etc.  Well, here’s the solution – the noooodle spaghetti measure and trivet!  Measure out exactly the right amount for 1-4 people, and then use it as a trivet for the hot pot when you’re done!

A Peek:  The PPA conference in San Antonio last week was really great, but quite overwhelming.  Over 10,000 attendees, so you can probably imagine what the tradeshow floor looked like!  I was able to accomplish a few objectives, one of which was to find a beautiful custom jewelry line to offer my clients.  DONE!  Here’s a little peek — I inserted one of my favorite pictures of Kylie.  This is sterling silver jewelry and the pictures are permanently sealed and completely waterproof.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the real samples with my own pictures in them.  You definitely have to see it in person to appreciate how pretty it is.  🙂

HAPPY MONDAY!!!  And now that the holiday is over, I promise there will be another Monday Love next week!

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by Crystal

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Crystal Oh wow Betsy – thanks for letting me know that!! I was going to order mine this week. I’ll find another store to get it. 🙂

Betsy Love the trivet idea. But do NOT order anything from!!!!! Unless of course you like waiting 7 months to receive what you ordered (after you leave a 50% deposit), and being blown off by their rude customer service representatives.

Marchet Oh my goodness! LOVE the pic of the “space helmet.” My little guy did that with a laundry basket the other day, and I just about died laughing. Thanks for sharing!

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