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A quoteYour children need your presence more than your presents. – Jesse Jackson

Something personal: This post will be all about my Jakester, and his birthday.  I tend to have a little “mommy guilt” about some of the things Jake doesn’t get.  Namely, his own toys, clothes, bike…. the list goes on.  He is our second child, and while we love him immensely, we’ve realized that most of the things we have work just fine for him too (even if his car seat cover is just a little bit feminine).   When Kylie turned one, we had a huge party at the clubhouse with decorations, catered food, adult beverages, the whole works.  I don’t regret it at all – we were celebrating a very special day for her, and a rite of passage for us.  I mean, we survived the whole first year of this child’s life – right??!!  Of course she doesn’t remember the party, and it was mostly just for the adults, so we didn’t do all that for Jake’s first birthday.  This year we also decided to keep things low key for Jake’s birthday, but I really wanted to make it special for him.  Upon suggestions from friends, off to Sam Flax I went, hoping to find some birthday inspiration.  I decided on a “little artist” party, since we don’t do much painting around the house (Jeff and I are known for being compulsive about messy hands).  I bought fun paints and brushes, blank canvases, and some decorations for his cake.  We had the family over – Uncle Scott (#1), Aunt Deidra, Uncle Scott (#2), Aunt Laurie, Cousins Ashley & Ally, Nana, and Jake’s best bud – Anna.  We started with the cake (give the kids a sugar high first), then paint, then gifts.  It was awesome!  An afternoon that I will remember very clearly for a very long time.  I was present, and it felt good.  🙂

Of course, things can’t go perfectly.  Jake was very happy to snooze the afternoon away (unlike any other day when I really need to get some work done…..) — this was him at 4:15pm.

I’m not a super-creative person when it comes to arts & crafts — so I think I outdid myself here!  Simple, but fun.

And I think Jake really liked it!  🙂

After cake we went down to the patio and enjoyed watching our little artists paint their very own works of art!

Kylie’s family portrait (including the cat and a butterfly).  Ummmm, Kylie said it’s an ARM people… ARM!!!!  Get your minds out of the gutter!

After painting, we went upstairs where Jake found his VERY OWN three-wheeler!  YAY!  🙂

And a quick snapshot of the family.  LOVE.


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Lisa Phillipson Happy Birthday, Jake! You have a “2” shirt so you went all out in my mind. 🙂

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