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Another edition of Monday Love.

A Quote: Sleep, riches, and health to be truly enjoyed must be interrupted. ~Johann Paul Friedrich Richter, Flower, Fruit, and Thorn.

Something personal: Last week was a complete blur.  Both of my kids were sick, then I came down with something flu-ish on Tuesday night, then I had to take both kids to the doctor on Thursday, then back to the doctor with Jake on Friday, Jeff had a business trip out of town….. are there violins playing somewhere?  I find it so interesting how being sick can completely change my view on life in general.  I had to cancel THREE sessions last week and I didn’t even look at my desk for three days.  It was all I could do to muster up the energy to feed my kids and keep them from destroying the house.   The quote above says it all, because now I feel so much better and I REALLY appreciate feeling better!  🙂  And when I look back at the week, it doesn’t seem like it was THAT bad (but that’s because it’s over!).  Sorry, no pictures of the sick James Family this week.  😉

Something NEW: I have been wanting to add another element of interest to my blog and decided to ask my friend, Liz Seymour, if she would be interested in writing a column for me.  I’m thrilled to announce that she said YES and you can expect to be entertained by her authentic musings about motherhood, and a few other subjects as well.  Liz is not only a very talented writer, she is a dear friend of mine.  Since we met about three years ago, I have always admired her positive energy, her quick wit and slight sarcasm, and her affinity for great food and wine.  A quote that always makes me think of Liz, “everything is better with bacon!”  When my Jakester came on the scene two years ago,  Liz often showed up at my door with sandwiches for lunch, or called with an offer to pick up Kylie for me.  Those are just a few of the little things helped me through the tough early months with an infant.

Liz and I probably clicked so well because we are both natives of California.  Liz grew up in beautiful San Diego, then left to attend the University of Notre Dame where she earned her degree in English. She lived in Chicago for several years, where she worked as a writer and editor for a travel magazine and a custom publishing company. After a couple of years in Virginia and a short return to Chicago, Liz and her husband moved with their young daughter to Atlanta. Six years and two more kids later they are still here. Liz savors her time home with her kids while freelancing part-time. She enjoys running, reading, and eating (not necessarily in that order) – remember that bacon quote? 🙂

This is my beautiful friend Liz…

And a little question/answer session with Liz:

Crystal: I know how much you love to read, what are some of your favorite books?  What about favorite magazines or columns?
Liz: My favorite books are Little Women, Anne of Green Gables (all eight of the series), and everything by Jane Austen. I admire The Economist magazine, but don’t have time to read it. The Week is an excellent substitute. I also find a lot of motivation in Runner’s World, which I think has some surprisingly good writing.

Crystal: What inspires you the most?
Liz: My family, from my parents and my in-laws to my kids. My mom as a painter is a particular inspiration when it comes to finding the motivation to write.

Crystal: What’s the most memorable parenting advice you’ve ever received?
Liz: When my first daughter was born, and Tim and I were in the throes of first-time parental anxiety, my mother-in-law counseled that we owed it to ourselves to have another child. It was so true: the confidence we had the second time around allowed us to relax and just enjoy the moments more. In fact, she was so right that we extended it to having a third child!

Crystal: Tell us something else interesting that we might not know about you.
Liz: I celebrated my 20th birthday in London, where I spent a semester studying during college. I will definitely encourage my kids to study abroad, too – and not just so that Tim and I can visit them!

Here’s a picture of the Seymour Family (prior to Baby Laura of course), Tim, Liz, Clare & Danny.  We’ll need an updated family portrait soon!

Stay tuned this week for the first edition of “The Wider Angle” written by Liz Seymour.


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