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Another edition of Monday Love…

A Quote: Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened. ~Jennifer Yane

Something Personal: Awesome, awesome, awesome!  That’s how I would describe the last few days.  Thursday was Kylie’s 5th birthday and we basically celebrated all weekend.  Not with big stuff, but just being together, as a family, without letting work distract us.  Now that Kylie is a little older, I really wanted to make her birthday special.  My mom always made me feel so special on my birthday so I’m hoping to pass down that fun tradition.

Here is my sweet 5 year old….

It started Thursday morning when Kylie woke up and thought it was Easter because she saw a balloon downstairs (apparently she forgot it was her birthday).  She got to open her first present, sent from Nana, the princess dolls she’s been asking for since Christmas.  Jeff and I met at Kylie’s school and brought marshmallows for dipping, with chocolate and sprinkles — it was a big hit!  We then went to lunch (just the three of us) at Chuck E Cheese and then Kylie and I went shopping for a party dress for Saturday (her Spa-Kidz birthday party).  She was very excited to see Grandpa and Grandma, since they drove up from Florida for her birthday this year.  Saturday was the big party — or should I say “little” party.  Kylie made the choice to do a “girly” party which meant she could only invite 6 girls.  This was the hardest part, because she didn’t want to leave anyone out.  Her other choice was the zoo, so she could invite ALL of her friends (and her “boyfriend” Ryan), but she decided the elephants are too smelly.  ???  We had a great princess party with glitter nails, glitter hair, and glitter face-painting – followed by a fashion show, dancing and singing.  Kylie surprised us all with a serenade of “Party in the USA” on the microphone SOLO!  I have no idea how she knows the words.  We finished off the weekend with a relaxing Sunday with some new birthday toys, a couple TV shows, a walk around the neighborhood, and all three meals freshly prepared at home!  Awesome, awesome, awesome…. like I said before!

Here’s a sampling of the last few days.  Please excuse the quality of the images – sometimes I like to take off my photog hat and just take snapshots.  This first one was around 7:15am…

Yes, I had to bring some banana too, a healthy choice, but nobody ate it!

Kylie taking down Daddy in a game of air-hockey at Chuck E Cheese!

Apparently a terrifying ride….

A visit from Grandpa.

The Divas after the fashion show!

And, since I always get a little sappy when my kids have a birthday, a little trip down memory lane.  Unfortunately, Kylie isn’t the only one that looks older since her first birthday.

Birthday #3

Birthday #5 – so grown up. XOXOXOXO  Love my Kylie Bear!

And I will finish with another favorite of Kylie in her birthday dress…

AND…… if you have stayed with me this far…..SURPRISE!!!  I am celebrating Kylie’s 5th birthday by giving away FIVE gift cards for itunes in the amount of $15 each.  All you have to do is leave a comment on my facebook page ( and you will be entered to win.  AND, if you “share” this blog post on your own facebook page, leave another comment telling me you did so, and you get an EXTRA entry!!).  Who doesn’t need a little extra music in their lives???   Winners will be drawn on Friday, April 1st (my friend Jen’s birthday)!

Happy Monday!!!

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Heidi Levy What great pics even at 7:15 AM!!! Looks like she had a wonderful birthday….love how it was something other than the traditional cake at school….may have to steal that idea.

Gina Bridges Wow…that was awesome! Love the photos (of course) and love the update….
Enjoy because it goes too too fast…This from the woman who has a 28 and 26 year old now….

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