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Another edition of Monday Love…

A Quote: “Try it, you’ll like it.”  Kylie James

Something Personal: I’m sure a million other people have said the same quote, but this was straight from Kylie’s mouth on Sunday morning when Jake was holding a chocolate chip pancake with a suspicious eye.  We try not to give him chocolate (allergy issues), but it was the only pancake left so – oh well.  He lived.  The quote made me laugh, it’s so Kylie (and mommy).  She is always trying to mother Jake, soothe him, play with him, hold his hand, help him.  And he consistently shuns her – screaming for mommy most of the time.  I should mention that he also shuns Jeff (to his constant annoyance) and wants me to do everything.  We both know it’s a stage, but it’s still hard.  This afternoon it was just me and Jake, which is very, very rare.  He was calm and sweet, and we had lots of conversations and cuddles.  The realization became so clear that our children are constantly competing for our attention.  Constantly.  In fact, Jeff and I can hardly hold a conversation over the roar of our children on a daily basis.  I have just assumed it was Jake, because he’s two, and he’s intense.  But I think it’s them TOGETHER, not apart.  It’s a hard realization because I love both of my kids so much, and yet I feel at odds with them most of the time, just trying to live life (feed, change, bathe, bed, repeat, repeat, repeat).  My children get plenty of attention so I’m not holding this heavy bag of guilt about that, but I do feel like they both deserve a little more one on one time.  But where to find the time?  Does anyone have some time I can borrow?  😉

I can’t imagine life without either one of them – especially when they are together.

Cool shopping find: Has everyone heard of Etsy?  It’s such a cool place to find handmade stuff for every occasion.  I buy lots of hats, blankets, and props on Etsy.  And, if you’re looking for fun birthday party theme ideas, JACKPOT!!!

Here’s a great snapshot of hand-picked Easter Gifts

This was the Vintage Plane Collection that I wanted to use for Jake’s Birthday, but of course I waited until the week before to try and order.  The seller, Mary Had a Little Party, has such adorable kid party stuff!  These images are from the etsy website – not mine.  😉

And look at this adorable wall design from Pink N Blue Baby!

Be careful though – it’s very distracting!  I just spent more than 30 minutes looking around while writing this blog post!

Happy Monday!!!

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Amy Etsy is my demise – I just ordered letters for james’ room and buy embroidery designs almost daily…luckily they tend to be in the $2-4 range but man, it adds up!

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