Monday Love

Another edition of Monday Love….. on Tuesday.

A quote: Life’s unfairness is not irrevocable; we can help balance the scale for others, if not always for ourselves. Hubert Humphrey

Something personal: I forgot.  I PLANNED to do my Monday Love post and then kept getting distracted — and then I just plain forgot!  *Sigh*

We had a great weekend full of family time, and on Sunday we went to the Jonquil Festival at Smyrna Village.   Before entering the festival I told Kylie my expectations for her in order to avoid the incessant “I want this” cries.  I told her we were going to walk around and look at lots of stuff.  She could look at things and show them to me and tell me how much she liked them, but she was not to ask for them.  I told her that when we were all done looking around, we would talk about all the cute things she saw and she could decide on one thing to take home.   Kylie did really well, showing me LOTS of cute stuff, and when we were done, she chose the dog puppet that we saw early on.  Now, here is where Jeff and I made the big mistake.  We let Kylie pick a puppet and started walking back to the car and Jake totally freaked out.  When asked to share and let Jake see her puppet, Kylie dutifully did so and waited patiently to get it back.  Jake walked all the way to the car with Kylie’s puppet  (and she didn’t whine or complain), and then he was beside himself when he had to give it back to Kylie.  I looked at Jeff and said “Why didn’t we let Jake get one too?  They already share everything.  Why can’t they each have their own puppet?”   It wasn’t so much a question to Jeff, but rather, a question of our parenting decisions.  Jake has always been the baby, so he never knew when things weren’t fair.  At some point, he grew up, and now he DOES know when things aren’t fair.  He watches me pour Kylie orange juice and gets mad that he can’t have any.  He points to the cupboard in the kitchen (where the vitamins are kept) and asks for them after I give Kylie hers.  Since he has allergy issues, there will most likely be many “unfair” situations when it comes to food for Jake.  While I know that life isn’t fair by any stretch of the imagination, I do know that we have little opportunities to even the playing field for our kids — like buying them both their own EIGHT-DOLLAR puppet at the festival.  And so we did.  And they were happy.  Lesson learned.

Meet Ruff-Ruff and Panda Bear:

Something interesting: I just read a great post on MCP Actions Blog about understanding the aspect ratio of pictures.  I explain this in detail in my Welcome Information for my clients, but I also think she does a great job.  If you have ever wondered why your picture looks different when you print an 8×10 vs. a 4×6, then you should check this out. 🙂

What IS it?? Just had to share this picture I took.  Kylie got some Cotton Candy in her Easter Basket and I let her have some, and then put it away in the pantry.  She had a few more pieces over the next day or two, and then forgot about it.  More than half the container was filled with fluffy blue cotton candy, but when I opened the container on Saturday (7 days after Easter), this is what I found.  Kind of makes you wonder what it is right??

Happy Monday AND Tuesday!!!  🙂

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