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Another edition of Monday Love….  (if you’re wondering what “Monday Love” is all about, read HERE)

A Quote: ‘Find a job you like and you add five days to every week.”  ~H. Jackson Browne

Something Personal: What an amazing weekend!  The weather has been beautiful and I’ve spent the entire weekend with my family.  No work being done (except this blog post of course), and it made me think about how grateful I am to have a job that I truly love and the privilege to be home with my children as well.  I spent many years in the corporate world (I was in Sales & Marketing for 12 years with Renaissance Hotels).  I always enjoyed my career and I was proud of what I had accomplished.  When I got married and had children, my view of the world changed.  The “big” things (like budgets, forecasts, and contracts) just didn’t seem so “big” anymore.   Now I am responsible for the well-being of two little human beings — and there’s not a very detailed job description to help me out!   In honor of the holiday today, I want to celebrate not only the working men and women out there in the corporate world, but also the working men and women that are taking care of our country’s youth – our future.  If you have never really known exactly how this holiday came to be, you can read more information about Labor Day here!

My family celebrating some free time on Saturday!  🙂

Something I love: I’m not sure why, but I have been dreaming of See’s Candies for the last couple of weeks.  Anyone from the west coast will know what I’m talking about – that classic white box of Nuts & Chews (my personal favorite).  Until the last few years, I had not seen them anywhere here in Atlanta.  But now, I get my fix around Christmas time at the little booth in Perimeter Mall.   Of course, I could always order them online, but it just doesn’t seem right.  Kind of like buying Girl Scout Cookies out of season.  😉

The Love Story:  It is difficult to describe how grateful I am for all of the phone calls, emails, facebook comments, blog notes, and general outpouring of love for me and the new chapter in my life – Tiny Heart Studios.  It has truly been a labor of love, and I am excited to continue sharing more about the business and the plans.  🙂   My Newborn and Baby Studio is open for business.  With the help of a fabulous designer, Rachel Oliver, I was able to create a space that is cozy, playful, and inviting.   I will be using this space to photograph the littlest ones, and also to meet with clients for ordering & consultation sessions.

I think the best part about having my own studio space is just the simple fact that I have a place to put all of my many, many, many props and blankets!  (This isn’t even half of it!)  My husband really likes that part about it too!

My cozy sitting area where parents can enjoy a snack and beverage while I photograph their newborn.  And I just have to let you know (because I just realized it the other day), the middle canvas pictured below won me a Recognition of Merit Award in the NAPCP 2010 Image Competition!  Soooooooo exciting!!!!  (Thanks Christina & Brian for having such a beautiful baby boy to photograph!)


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Amber Snow Oooooooo! Love the new studio space. Can you say JEALOUS?! 🙂 It’s gorgeous.

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