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Another edition of Monday Love…

A quote: We come to beginnings only at the end. William Throsby Bridges

Something personal: Well, as many of you know, today was Kylie’s first day of Kindergarten.  And while this is only the beginning of her many years of school, it is the end of a very special time in her life – and mine.  I didn’t cry or anything, probably because Kylie barely waved goodbye as she bounded out of the car and into the building.  But my eyes welled up with tears of joy and pride….. and maybe just a little sadness.  It reminded me of my own mother.  I rarely remember ever seeing her cry, but I often saw her look at me – eyes welled up with tears – because of some momentous occasion such as this.  She was so very proud of me when I was a kid, and it’s amazing to have those same feelings for my own daughter.  And as always, I had to snap a few pictures before we left the house……

A comparison shot.  The top is when Kylie started preschool (2 1/2 years old), so I tried to re-create the same image.  Can you tell Kylie is not amused in the second one?!!?

Yes, I actually took a few minutes to make a cute custom picture to put in her binder.  (insert nerdy reference here).  I can do that while she’s young right??

Then we went outside to do a few more pics……. where Kylie was still not really amused.  She kept asking me if it was time to GO yet!  🙂

Do you like her customary head tilt for every picture?  I can’t figure out if it’s a pose — or just her hair!

Something cool: On another note about new beginnings, Jeff and I are working hard to do “more” with our money.  This involves a lot of discussion, budgeting, saving, spending more wisely (AKA: eating out less), among other things.  This is my third week using a great tool that I discovered online called Emealz.  It’s an online service that emails you a weekly dinner plan with the shopping list attached — all based on what is on SALE at the store you shop most.  While the menus are fairly simple (nothing very gourmet about it), I’ve cut my grocery bill by about $30 per week and my kids will eat (or try) most of the items.  I would say that more than justifies the $5 per month for the service.  I chose the “portion control” menu plan (which used to be the Weight Watchers Points Plan), so the menus are pretty balanced, not too many carbs, light ingredients, etc.

I print mine out on Sunday night and go through it to check for menu items we might not care to eat, and delete items from the shopping list that I already have.  Then I add any other staples we need, as well as lunch and snack supplies.  Here’s what it looks like.  I know most of it is blurry, but I thought I shouldn’t outright share it on the blog, since it’s Emealz proprietary information.  You can check out the site to see some samples as well.

I took the picture AFTER I went to the grocery store — so you can see that everything is crossed off.  🙂  The items in red are the sale items.

Tomorrow night…. Tomato and Pepper Lasagna.  🙂

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